Shaping Up – Part One

Before starting work with Samwell, I admit to being quite naive on the topic of body image issues among men. In this podcast series I delve deeper into this subject and whether there is a correlation between being a performer and having, or developing, body image issues. Throughout the series, I chat with fellow performers and also an expert on the subject.

Episode One

In this episode I talk with my good friend Joe Swift, an actor I shared 3 years of training with at Oxford School of Speech & Drama. Here we are having a very different chat to normal, discussing the issue of body image among male performers. Joe shares about his time at drama school, his own struggle with body image and how he is continuing to work through these issues. We also discuss whether there is a correlation between being a performer and having body image issues?

I’d like to thank Joe for his time and honesty in speaking so openly about his personal experience. 

Useful Resources

Body Image issues support –  For Under 25s


Eating disorders support

Charlie Venables

Charlie is a London based actor, trained at The Oxford School of Drama.

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