The transition from Drama School to Acting

Hi, I am Charlie. I run the ‘Actors Starting Out’ group here on Samwell. 

Part of my plans for the group is to chat with fellow actors and industry professionals who understand those early years and can share their experiences, pass on any tips, and hopefully offer some inspiration.   

First up, I spoke to my friend and fellow actor Joseph Samimi. We covered the transition from Drama School to the world of acting, what it felt like not to get an agent straight away, and Joe shares some great tips on how to keep resilient and healthy. Hope you enjoy.

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The first few years of any career can be challenging ESPECIALLY in this NUTS industry. This group is for ANYONE who is on the start of their journeys. It is a safe space for us to connect, learn and inspire each other and to give all of us the best possible chance of succeeding! 

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Charlie x

Charlie Venables

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