Lesson 3 of 5

Establishing Connection with Others


How we connect

Turn to page 8 in the workbook and fill in the table. The aim of the task is to explore what behaviours or actions you feel are appropriate in peer support –  in a friendship – or never.



Turn to P9 of your workbook

For the next task I’d like you to think about how you might use ICEBREAKER activities to help members get to know each other better and feel invested in the group.

At the back of the workbook you will find a number of suggested activities  –  I’d like to select ONE and make notes on when you could use this within your peer group session.


The QUALITIES of an effective facilitator

Returning to p9 of your workbook, identify some of the personal qualities YOU have that you feel will make you a good facilitator. 

This is a useful exercise in focusing you on your strengths as well as identifying any areas in which you may need additional support. 


The wheel of strength

Turning to page 10 of the workbook, look at all the qualities listed in the WHEEL OF STRENGTH. Take a moment to read through these and identify if there are qualities you hadn’t considered? If so, you can add these to the chart on the previous page

You have now reached the end of lesson three – congratulations. Take a break or continue with lesson four.