Lesson 7 of 9

Facilitating a Successful Peer Group


The QUALITIES of an effective facilitator

Turn to page 20 of your workbook

Using the diagram in the workbook, note down the qualities that your group need, or would like, from facilitation. These should be placed in the ‘not important’ and ’important’ circles. For example, an important quality might be they are a ‘good listener’.


Reflecting on our own qualities

Now turn to p21. Using the qualities from the previous exercise, write these into the chart on the next page  – consider which of these qualities you feel you have and give an example of when/where you have demonstrated them


The wheel of strength

Turning to page 22 now in the workbook, look at all the qualities listed in the WHEEL OF STRENGTHS. Take a  moment to read through these and identify if there are qualities you hadn’t considered? For the final task –  please add these to the chart on the previous page.

You have now reached the end of lesson 7 –  Congratulations. Feel free to take a break here or move straight onto lesson 8.