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Re-framing Your Negative Filter

Looking at the world and especially oneself through a negative filter is exhausting. It’s mentally draining and only serves to reinforce the prejudice you have about yourself.

We all tell ourselves stories about how we ‘fit’ within the world. Many will have been influenced by past experiences that we view a certain way – accurately or not.

When you hold a negative view of yourself, it’s very hard to see past that. It becomes easy to write yourself off and optimism is not a feeling you’re used to.

However, just because you automatically tend to view things in a negative manner, does not mean that you can’t go searching for the positive.

It’s just a question of changing perspective, switching language and ‘re-framing’ a situation.

Scientific breakthroughs are not made on the first attempt. Sporting excellence does not happen overnight or by chance. So why do the people behind those achievements keep striving?

Because they have a positive mindset that sees every failed attempt as an opportunity to learn and a step closer to their dream.

Re-framing a negative into a positive is a massive life-skill. It creates a resourceful mindset that builds self-esteem and increases resilience within the face of life’s challenges.

I’ve no doubt that today will be an interesting one for you. Re-framing is something that always causes a positive shift.

I’m excited for you.