Lesson 2 of 5

Safety, Ground Rules, Choice & Control


Creating a peer group code of conduct

Turn to p6 of your workbook and look at an example of a peer group code of conduct.

In the context of the peer group you are hoping to run, decide whether these are:

  1. Relevant
  2. Not relevant


Deciding on the ground rules

You may not think that GROUND RULES are needed for the sort of peer group you would like to run. However if you DO think it would be useful to have these then turn to page 7 of the workbook and complete task 2.


The importance of giving members choice and control

Returning to p7 of your workbook  – considering what we have just learned about the importance of CHOICE and CONTROL, how will you ensure members have this within your peer group?  For example, you might make it clear in your group description that members do not have to attend all events.

You have now reached the end of lesson two – congratulations. Take a break or continue with lesson three.