Lesson 5 of 7

Stop Mind Reading

Do you spend too much time worrying about what other people think about you? Does your self-bias lead you to making assumptions and looking for confirmation in their facial expressions? Do you imagine whole conversations that are going on inside their head? 

In this lesson you are going to make a concerted effort to stop this.

You cannot read another person’s mind. There, I said it. So, stop trying.

When we have a negative self-bias, we tend to look for confirmation of our beliefs in others. This could be a look, an expression, careless words or rude behaviour.

 It’s important to understand that while you are never going to get on with everyone, not everything is about you.

 In other words: don’t take everything so personally; especially things that you only imagine.

Try to relax and have fun with this. While it may not feel as heavy as the previous exercise, it is in fact setting the stage for a whole new way of thinking.