Lesson 2 of 9

The Power of Lived Experience and Different Peer Support Models


 On page 5 of your workbook note down the benefits that lived experience can bring to a peer support group.

Then watch this video and add anything you may have missed. 


Mapping your lived experience as a performer.

Everyone who is part of Samwell has LIVED EXPERIENCE of being a PERFORMER and as a result has a shared understanding of the challenges that can come with this. Being aware of your own lived experience can help you to identify your strengths and where you might be able to support others. With this in mind, I’d now like you to create a mind map of your lived experience  –  there’s an example on p2 of the workbook and you’re going to create your own on p6. 

Spend some time reflecting on your journey so far –  what difficulties have you experienced? 

How did you overcome them? What skills do you think you have now as a result? 


Fill in the chart on p7 of your workbook and identify the advantages and disadvantages of group peer support.

You have now reached the end of lesson 2 –  Congratulations. Feel free to take a break here or move straight onto lesson 3.