Lesson 2 of 7

Your Wider Beliefs

Now that you’ve completed the first lesson you have a better understanding of the language you use and the beliefs you have about yourself. It’s time to look at the beliefs you have about others.

It’s extremely common for people who suffer from body-image issues to be overly critical of themselves. Perhaps you can relate to that: having one set of standards for yourself, while being far more generous towards other people?

One of the keys to overcoming any issue is to create a picture of what life will be like when it’s no longer a problem. It’s about understanding that many people live a life with a positive self-image, and you can too.

In this lesson you are going to repeat yesterday’s task form a different perspective; that of a person who doesn’t suffer from body-image issues.

I appreciate that you may not know exactly how that person may think or feel, and that’s perfectly fine. Because, we can’t read other people’s thoughts and therefore, can never really know what’s going on in their heads. Therefore, it’s perfectly fine to imagine everything.

In fact, letting your imagination run wild is the perfect thing for you to do.

So, you can feel free to make as many assumptions as you like. Again, there is no right or wrong. You can write in the first person, as if it’s the future you that you’re describing.

Or if that feels uncomfortable, make it about someone else. It could be based on how you think about someone you know, or you can create an entirely original framework based on how you perceive this person’s life is like.

I’d love for you to be as creative as you like with this and have some fun. Because, this is not about drawing attention to how far away from this ideal you feel you are right now. Rather, it’s about opening your mind to new possibilities.

Download the document, complete the exercise and give it your best shot.