If you’re in your 1st or 2nd year of study then we’d love to talk to YOU about mental wellbeing provision for students entering careers in the Performing Industries. 

Application to join Samwell/LIPA Focus Group Session - March 2022

Supporting Artist Mental Wellbeing (Samwell) and LIPA are currently working together to carry out some research into the effectiveness of mental health and wellbeing provision for students. We also want to find out what further support could be put in place to prepare students for entering careers in the Performing Industries.

We want to run 2 x focus group sessions with between 6-10 students (max) and positively encourage participation from disabled and BAME students, as well as LGBT and non-binary students. It is important to us that ALL students feel welcome and able to share their views.

Sessions will last 60-90 min and to say ‘thanks’ for giving your time you will receive a £10 amazon voucher.

Please note that you are not required to share personal experience.

Sessions will be recorded (audio) but information shared is confidential and will be anonymised.

Please click the button below and sign up by March 25th

You will be contacted the following week via email -thanks for your interest in participating in this research