Contract Checklist

Below you will find a list of provisions that are often found in contracts.

Rate of pay. How much are you being paid, when are you paid and what are you being paid for? 

Hours of work. What are the hours of work per day, per week? When does you working day start and when does it end? When do you get breaks.

Overtime. Are you entitled to overtime if you have to work more hours or during a break?

Holiday Pay. Is holiday mentioned? If you can’t take holiday within the contract, when will you be paid accrued holiday pay in lieu? 

Sick leave. Will you still be paid if you get ill or injured? If so, how much and for how long?

Pensions. What is being offered? 

Touring allowance/Subsistence. What arrangements are made for accommodation and food if you are touring, and are there any other allowances in place that you will receive

Termination Clauses. Check what the notice periods are for termination. If a production company considers you have breached the contract can they terminate immediately with no pay. Agreements may have that a company can terminate for no reason following a certain notice period. What are your rights to terminate?
Exclusivity Clauses. Are you tied into working exclusively for the production company or the agency? Eg, are you free to perform in an advert whilst performing in a TV series. Are you free to engage any other agents on your behalf?
Royalty Clauses. If you are entitled to royalties, what is the percentage and what is it a percentage of? Eg. The agreement just saying 5% is not sufficient, it is only one element of the equation. It should be eg 5% of the production’s net receipts. How often are you to paid your royalties and accounted to, eg every month, quarter or annually?
Sources: Equity (Click here to see their full list) and Francis McEntegart of McLegal Limited