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Our events are carefully curated to support you in developing a range of tools to help you navigate the ups and downs of working in the Industry. Backstage Pass members can attend events, post questions and receive extra resources, all within the groups attached to each event. You’ll also be able to access recordings of any that you miss!

Masterclass: Coping with rejection

From 2nd December

Join Certified Life Coach and actor, Jeannie Dickinson in this special Masterclass Series designed to support you in becoming more resilient when faced with rejection as a Performer.

You’ll gain access to:
  • A private group within the Samwell Platform where you can ask questions, start a discussion or access shared resources 
  • 2 x 1 hour Masterclass sessions with Jeannie on 2nd & 9th December (19.00 -20.00hrs)
  • A 4 part online course which can be completed before or after attending the Masterclasses
  • A downloadable course booklet with tasks to complete which will help you to reframe your relationship with rejection.

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Upcoming events…

Starting Out: Understanding Your Rights as a Performer

Join Barrister & Entertainment Law Specialist discuss common areas in which Performers may need guidance, especially when starting out in the Industry.

Against the Odds: Recovering from an Eating Disorder

Eating disorders and body image issues are on the rise – but recovery IS possible. Join renowned Mental health campaigner, Hope Virgo as she shares her personal experience of living with an ED, and how she reached recovery. 

Employability (or what to do when you’re NOT performing)

Staying motivated when you’re not performing can be a challenge but understanding your skillset is key to having options that will give you both pleasure and purpose.  Join John Byrne, Entertainment Industry Career/Wellbeing Advisor @TheStage as he shares with us the benefit of his experience and answers your questions.

Intimacy and Nudity in Performance

Vanessa Coffey is an Intimacy Coordinator (IC) who works in film, theatre, and television. In this special event she talks through what the role involves, why its needed and answers all the queries you have regarding performing intimate scenes.  

Mindset Matters: Your Relationship with Money as a Performer

Step away from the Spreadsheet! Money Coach Emily Shull helps shine a light on those hidden patterns that keep people ‘stuck’ in their relationship with money.  Packed full of insight and guidance, this webinar for any performer who wishes to become financially self-aware and change their relationship with money.

How to manage your online persona as a Performer

For performers, social media can be a minefield of new platforms to master, content to create, and potential traps to fall into. This special event is designed to guide you through the common pitfalls and place you firmly on the path to success. 

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What our members say

Samwell provides a platform for artists’ wellbeing that’s been sorely needed for years; whether you’re an actor, comedian or any other kind of creative, it’s nice to know there’s a group there with you in your corner.

Actor – Colchester
Difficulties arise in stand up comedy (especially as a woman) and I no longer feel so alone in facing them. Samwell has been an ongoing reliable and trustworthy source of support. I am so lucky to have found Samwell and I wish I had earlier!

Comedian – London
As an Actor I have benefited from the informative articles that hit the mark by exploring the grey areas in the industry. It is invaluable to have a supportive platform where you feel 100% safe. I trust that I can share and explore my own mental health that goes beyond being a performer but a human being trying to navigate life.

Actor – Hampshire