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Relevant and timely content, guidance and discussion for all actors that identify as Male.

Being an actor is a passion, not just a job. Whilst there is lots of general mental wellbeing guidance available nowadays, we want support that is relevant and finely tuned to our profession. None of us should experience problems with our mental health because of the industry we work in, nor should we ever struggle alone.

Our mission is to provide you with a safe space where you can enjoy relevant content, receive expert guidance and get support from fellow artists to guide you on your journey to maintaining positive mental health and wellbeing.

This community is being built on our core values. You will find out more about our plans below. We hope you join us and help us shape something truly special.

Helen and the Samwell team.


We organise content into separate episodes containing expert articles, podcasts, activities, events and relevant courses. Each episode will also have an area for community discussion.  Community members are actively involved in the creation of content and we feature regular opportunities for commissioned work.

Forthcoming episodes:

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As a member of our community, you’ll get exclusive access to inspiring events, including:

Expert Webinars, Townhalls, Masterclasses, Workshops, Virtual Natters and other events created by community members like you.

Member Discussions

We have general community discussion forums as well as forums for each episode.

Your privacy is important, so you can post using a nickname.

This is a real opportunity to come together and learn from one another, share our experiences, ask questions and offer support. Together we are stronger.


We have a growing list of experts who are sharing their knowledge and experience to support our community.

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Supporting Artist Mental Wellbeing (Samwell) CIC, is a not-for-profit that provides targeted mental health and peer support for groups of performance artists whose chosen discipline and experience brings them together as a community.

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