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Bio I am a Life and Business Coach with a passion for helping women become more curious and courageous in all that they do.
Bio A Clinical Psychologist offering clinical assessment, therapy, consultancy, supervision and training for individuals, families and professionals
Bio An Intuitive Counsellor and Coach who provides guidance when people are feeling lost and need someone to talk to.
Bio A life and business coach working with women and those in the creative industries.
Bio A commercial lawyer specialising in contract law, intellectual property and entertainment law.
Location Liverpool
Bio I help ambitious performers who are struggling with low self-esteem, to create lasting confidence and success in their career.
Location London
Bio Body Image Coach working with women who are done wasting their life obsessing about their body
Bio Health Coach & Personal Trainer. I specialise in helping people overcome self-limiting beliefs to build real Confidence & Self-esteem.
Bio For over 15 years I have been working in the NHS and/or Private sector with adolescents and adults treating body image disturbance and low self- esteem, as well as working in the fields of Eating Disorders, Personality Disorder and Complex Trauma.
Bio One of the UK's leading Intimacy Coordinators