Get Involved: Conquering the Fear Podcast Series

Contribute to our mini-podcast series where we explore performance anxiety and the best ways to manage and overcome it. 

We are interested in YOUR story

Feedback from a recent survey shows us that Performance Anxiety scores highly on topics that performers can struggle with –  and so with YOUR help, we’re creating a podcast mini-series to explore how performance anxiety manifests itself, what is happening to cause it in the first place, and how we can best manage it. 

With this in mind we’ve put together some short questions which we’d love you to answer. We’re not expecting anything in particular in terms of the content or the length of your answers. We just want to hear truthful responses and how performance anxiety has affected you.

How to get involved in the podcast series

If you would like to contribute then here are the questions. In terms of recording, if you have a microphone great, if not, recording on a phone will be fine.

1) (optional) What is your name? Where are you from? How long have you been a performer?

If you would rather your story is anonymous then drop Charlie an email with your answers and we will arrange for an actor to record these.

2) When was the first time you had stage fright or experienced anxiety around performing?

3) Can you articulate what exactly it is you are scared of? What does it feel like when this feeling comes on?

4) What techniques have you used (if any) to try and manage your performance anxiety?

5) (optional)  What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened on stage/set for you? How did you recover from this or what did you learn from it?

Please send audio files of your answers to

By sending your audio file, you grant Supporting Artist Mental Wellbeing (Samwell) CIC the exclusive and irrevocable right to distribute any and all materials provided to members of the Supporting Artist Mental Wellbeing (Samwell) CIC community on the website These rights are granted on a non-exclusive, worldwide basis. Whilst all contributions are welcome, Supporting Artist Mental Wellbeing (Samwell) CIC does retain the right not to use your contribution. 

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